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The latest in travel video trends.

Airbnb Uses How-To Videos to Connect With Asia-Pacific Travelers and Hosts

How-to videos inform and build brand awareness. If executed well, viewers will be moved to share them, which adds value by generating earned media.

8 Charts That Show the State of Mobile Video Around the World

There are still so many possibilities for mobile videos and brands have only scratched the surface. This research shows where brands should focus their efforts as consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices for information and entertainment.

How a GoPro Camera and a Rope Beat Brand USA on YouTube

A cool, new, media-friendly attraction with no marketing budget will likely beat an old, tired attraction with a huge marketing budget.

Marriott Hands Out GoPro Cameras as Hotels Try to Encourage Social Posts

Despite the difficulty in measuring an exact ROI, hotels know that gaining awareness across social media is good for their brand and outreach and they want to give guests the tools and scenes they need to make a great photo.